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Dolphins of the bay
Discovering the bottlenose dolphins of North Patagonia. A great exercice of scientific popularization lead by Els Vermeulen, PhD student in oceanography.

livres greco-romains

Books of the Greco-Roman world
From discovery of the Papyri to the preservation of books. 
A virtual exhibition offered by the CEDOPAL (ULg)

Other activities linked to this rubric

INTRO STARESO 2015 The Mediterranean is sufferingExceptional biological observations and singular meteorological events were recorded at STARESO (Underwater and Oceanographic Research Station) during 2015.
INTRO refugies climatiques One good reason to speak of "climate refugees"
The difficulty of isolating environmental factors from other drivers of migration still exists but no-one now seems to deny their importance as a driving force of displacement.
INTRO Camps Fukushima 

After Fukushima, life in a prefab
François Gemenne, FNRS qualified researcher at the University of  Liège, analyses the journey of the victims of  Fukushima, in the refugees camps.


 Archives of the deciphering page

The genetics of flowering: a new database 

The Laboratory of Plant Physiology at the University of Liège has developed a website encompassing all the current data on the genetics of flowering.

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Should caution be exercised with regard to the use of cardiac magnetic resonance? 

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance, which is increasingly being used for the diagnosis and management of cardiac diseases seems to have repercussions for the DNA of T lymphocytes. A first set of results needs to be confirmed and complete

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Thank you gorillas! 

Due to its movement and feeding habits, the western lowlands gorilla could contribute to a more rapid regeneration of harvested forests in Central Africa.

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Targeting a protein in order to fight against intestinal cancer 

Researchers at the University of Liege have published the results of a study on a potential target for fighting against the development of cancer cells in the intestine. It is a protein known as ELP3.

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Jeux vidéo et livre 

Comment le jeu vidéo, perméable à la littérature, révèle-t-il son hybridité essentielle ? Tel est le point de départ d’un ouvrage collectif aux perspectives variées, qui ancre le jeu vidéo comme objet culturel.

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