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Dolphins of the bay
Discovering the bottlenose dolphins of North Patagonia. A great exercice of scientific popularization lead by Els Vermeulen, PhD student in oceanography.

livres greco-romains

Books of the Greco-Roman world
From discovery of the Papyri to the preservation of books. 
A virtual exhibition offered by the CEDOPAL (ULg)

Other activities linked to this rubric

INTRO Camps Fukushima 

After Fukushima, life in a prefab
François Gemenne, FNRS qualified researcher at the University of  Liège, analyses the journey of the victims of  Fukushima, in the refugees camps.



Sierra Leone facing Ebola
Containment in Sierra Leone: the inability of a State to confront an Ebola outbreak. A paper pulished in The Lancet.

Steven Laureys TEDxBrussels

Steven Laureys @ TEDxBrussels
From brain to consciousness. Steven Laureys presented its research domain through a 13 minutes stand up conference @TEDxBrussels. A brilliant, clear and innovative message. There is live after death.

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Prejudice against homosexuals is decreasing 

An extensive study conducted among European university students has revealed that, despite some differences between individual countries and factors such as gender and personal opinion, a large majority of them are in favor of marriage between same-sex couples and same-sex parenting.

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Bryophytes have certainly evolved! 

In a study published in Nature Communications, researchers at the Botanical Institute of the University of Liege show that the first plants which colonized the land have never stopped evolving.

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Urban towers 

In the 21st century, towers rule supreme in our megacities. But their construction must obey precise rules to ensure good integration into the urban environment.

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Dissenting comics 

The ACME group has released a work which aims to explore the place and influence of “independent” comics in the world of the ninth art. Oscillating between autonomy and integration, these independent comics are collectively considered to be in the “dissenting” category.

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The farmer fish 

Two studies on damselfish, one behavioral and the other devoted to the evolution of 124 species, have made it possible to observe the way in which a morphological trait has determined their ecological behavior.

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L’harmonisation des statuts, un chantier loin d’être achevé 

L’ouvrage « L’harmonisation des statuts entre ouvriers et employés » fait le point sur la loi entrée en vigueur il y a un an et ses conséquences au niveau juridique. Les critiques et les zones d’ombre sont nombreuses, bien que les avancées ne soient pas à négliger.

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