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 INTRO vizir Absil

The University of Liège will participate in the improvement of the VLT

The goal is to increase the performance of the telescope in the search for other potentially habitable planets near Centaur Alpha.

Yael Naze CielEspace

My scientist's life
ULg astronomer Yaël Nazé details her experience traveling from Belgium to New Zealand for the International Astronomy Union Symposia. An inside view of a scientist's life.


Juno Mission : ULg in Jupiter's orbit
This July 5th at 5:18 am (CET), the interplanetary NASA Juno probe will be inserted into Jupiter's orbit. ULg with the CSL and LPAP are directly associated with this mission.

Other activities linked to this rubric

INTRO STARESO 2015 The Mediterranean is sufferingExceptional biological observations and singular meteorological events were recorded at STARESO (Underwater and Oceanographic Research Station) during 2015.
INTRO refugies climatiques One good reason to speak of "climate refugees"
The difficulty of isolating environmental factors from other drivers of migration still exists but no-one now seems to deny their importance as a driving force of displacement.
INTRO Camps Fukushima 

After Fukushima, life in a prefab
François Gemenne, FNRS qualified researcher at the University of  Liège, analyses the journey of the victims of  Fukushima, in the refugees camps.


 Archives of the deciphering page

Héra : la dynamique du pouvoir 

Héra, archétype de la “mégère”, éructant sempiternellement contre Zeus, son frère et époux ? Du moins dans une approche superficielle des traditions narratives des Grecs. Dans les cultes, elle apparaît comme une divinité souveraine, respectable, vénérée. 

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Impact of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance 

Kept awake for 42 hours, participants in an experiment showed a variation in their cognitive performance closely linked to their biological clock and the accrued sleep debt. Two mechanisms that are well known, but difficult to quantify. 

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Les groupes littéraires, un objet éclaté et en mouvement 

Un ouvrage collectif questionne la dynamique des groupes littéraires dans une perspective sociologique. Depuis des cas particuliers ancrés dans leur époque, le travail réfute la figure mythique du génie créateur et donne à voir comment la littérature de la modernité se construit à plusieurs.

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Strud: the end of a journey 

Palaeontological excavations have ended in the fossil-rich Strud locality, in which the oldest complete insect fossil was found. It is now time to look back at what was achieved and publish results.

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Thriller métaphysique : contre-enquête d’un genre 

Allan Poe en a été le précurseur : le thriller métaphysique intéresse de plus en plus le monde universitaire francophone.

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P. oceanica litter: a dynamic food reserve 

The litter composed of dead leaves left by P. oceanica is home to some 115 invertebrate species. It is therefore both a habitat and a major food source for all ecosystems on the Mediterranean coast.

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