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Dolphins of the bay
Discovering the bottlenose dolphins of North Patagonia. A great exercice of scientific popularization lead by Els Vermeulen, PhD student in oceanography.

livres greco-romains

Books of the Greco-Roman world
From discovery of the Papyri to the preservation of books. 
A virtual exhibition offered by the CEDOPAL (ULg)

Other activities linked to this rubric

INTRO Camps Fukushima 

After Fukushima, life in a prefab
François Gemenne, FNRS qualified researcher at the University of  Liège, analyses the journey of the victims of  Fukushima, in the refugees camps.



Sierra Leone facing Ebola
Containment in Sierra Leone: the inability of a State to confront an Ebola outbreak. A paper pulished in The Lancet.

Steven Laureys TEDxBrussels

Steven Laureys @ TEDxBrussels
From brain to consciousness. Steven Laureys presented its research domain through a 13 minutes stand up conference @TEDxBrussels. A brilliant, clear and innovative message. There is live after death.

 Archives of the deciphering page

L’artiste commissaire, valeur ajoutée du musée 

Rares sont les artistes contemporains qui n’ont pas endossé un jour ou l’autre le rôle de commissaire. De quoi brouiller les frontières convenues entre le créateur et le professionnel de l’art.

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Listening to posidonia seagrasses 

An acoustic device has made it possible to detect the production of oxygen and therefore the photosynthetic activity of posidonia meadows. These plants are Mediterranean seagrasses which have a vitally important role to play in the environment. 

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Artificial intelligence and video games 

Video games have contributed greatly to the development of artificial intelligence. Research carried out at the Montefiore Institute has once again shown that these games should be taken seriously!

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La reconnaissance des « Justes » : un processus mémoriel délicat 

Le titre de « Juste parmi les Nations » est une reconnaissance parfois difficile à obtenir pour les sauveurs de juifs issus des institutions ecclésiastiques, auxquels on reproche la conversion de certains enfants.

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Hunting aphids is all about sex 

A sex pheromone was discovered in the multicoloured Asian lady beetle, and recreated in the laboratory. Released by females in the presence of aphids, it could become a natural weapon to protect agricultural production against these pests.

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An oyster for an amplifier 

Fish that live in pearl oysters produce sounds, probably to attract a mate. Their host’s shell acts as an amplifier for these sounds.

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