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Juno Mission : ULg in Jupiter's orbit
This July 5th at 5:18 am (CET), the interplanetary NASA Juno probe will be inserted into Jupiter's orbit. ULg with the CSL and LPAP are directly associated with this mission.


Our biological clock affects the
responsiveness of neurons
A ULg team has shown that controlling the responsiveness of neurons is one of the means by which we maintain our cognitive function.

Laetitia Delrez INTRO International Astronomical Organisation prize
Laetitia Delrez, young researcher at ORCA laboratory, has won the prize for her work on the exploration of potentially habitable exoplanets.

Other activities linked to this rubric

INTRO STARESO 2015 The Mediterranean is sufferingExceptional biological observations and singular meteorological events were recorded at STARESO (Underwater and Oceanographic Research Station) during 2015.
INTRO refugies climatiques One good reason to speak of "climate refugees"
The difficulty of isolating environmental factors from other drivers of migration still exists but no-one now seems to deny their importance as a driving force of displacement.
INTRO Camps Fukushima 

After Fukushima, life in a prefab
François Gemenne, FNRS qualified researcher at the University of  Liège, analyses the journey of the victims of  Fukushima, in the refugees camps.


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Seals are swallowing a mouthful 

Many pollutants present in our oceans are permanently contaminating marine mammals. In order to establish the extent of this exposure and the challenges it represents, a group of researchers have adopted complex and varied approaches to the problem.  

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Voyage[s] à travers le thymus 

Longtemps considéré comme un organe « inutile », le thymus est aujourd’hui reconnu comme jouant un rôle essentiel dans notre système immunitaire.

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A fragrance to control wireworms 

Wireworms are back in our fields! Researchers are studying an environmentally-friendly method of keeping the larvae from feeding on crop roots.

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The unlikely masters of gene expression 

Although the connection between RNA synthesis and decay has been known to scientists for some years now, the actual protein that connects the two processes had remained unknown until very recently.

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The Black Sea has lost more than a third of its habitable volume 

The Black Sea's habitable volume has decreased by more than 40 % in 60 years. And the oxygen penetration depth in the water column has shrunk from 140 to 90 metres, compressing a rich ecosystem. 

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A portable drug factory 

Fast and continuous drug production is now possible. A new revolution on the horizon.

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