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Dauphins PCB intro

Dolphins of the bay
Discovering the bottlenose dolphins of North Patagonia. A great exercice of scientific popularization lead by Els Vermeulen, PhD student in oceanography.

livres greco-romains

Books of the Greco-Roman world
From discovery of the Papyri to the preservation of books. 
A virtual exhibition offered by the CEDOPAL (ULg)

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Steven Laureys TEDxBrussels

Steven Laureys @ TEDxBrussels
From brain to consciousness. Steven Laureys presented its research domain through a 13 minutes stand up conference @TEDxBrussels. A brilliant, clear and innovative message. There is live after death.

Medicine : the genomic revolution
Unknown from the general public, the reading of human genome could lead to a medical revolution if the questions that it raises could find their answers.

INTRO etats conscience alteres

Coma and disorders of consciousness
For more than ten years, the Coma Science Group’s researchers have been wending their way through the twists and turns of disorders of consciousness. They have recorded their findings in a work that already promises an excellent international future.

INTRO-Video-Transit-Venus Venus Transit in images!
The Venus Transit like you've never seen it! Images caught by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory on June 5th.
generation-C C generation
In the newspaper "La Libre", Christophe Cusumano gives a portrayal of "C" generation. C like communicate, collaborate and create.


Archives of the deciphering page

The imaginary in power at the court of France 

At the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, an ideology took shape among the men and women of letters at the court of France known as Franco-Italia, changing the Peninsula into nothing less than a new France.

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Life in blue 

What would it be like to see life in blue? It would probably not be such a bad idea because the colour blue accentuates those regions of the brain involved in emotion processing and cognition.

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Male urinary incontinence: a new surgical treatment 

The TOM-Sling is a new system of urethral compression. At the end of April, it obtained the EC conformity marking, an essential requirement for the launch of a product on the market.

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MicroRNAs, controllers of neuronal migration 

Researchers from Liege have demonstrated the importance of microRNAs in the regulation of genes involved in the control of cortical neuron migration.

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Premature ejaculation: “bibliotherapy” 

Premature ejaculation is a disabling disorder that is difficult to define and even more so to treat. A small booklet of exercises could provide assistance.

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A round-the-clock curative dose of antibiotics 

A method of bedside antibiotic dosing for patients has been patented worldwide. Clinical trials will now be carried out in the context of the European MON4STRAT project, coordinated by the University of Liege...

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