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Dolphins of the bay
Discovering the bottlenose dolphins of North Patagonia. A great exercice of scientific popularization lead by Els Vermeulen, PhD student in oceanography.

livres greco-romains

Books of the Greco-Roman world
From discovery of the Papyri to the preservation of books. 
A virtual exhibition offered by the CEDOPAL (ULg)

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Sierra Leone facing Ebola
Containment in Sierra Leone: the inability of a State to confront an Ebola outbreak. A paper pulished in The Lancet.

Verly TEDx Liège

Jacques Verly @TEDx Liège
From Sputnik to Beanie Babies & CubeSats to OUFTI. Jacques Verly, Engineer at the University of Liège's Montefiore Institute, comes back to the fabulous history of the CubeSat OUFTI.

Steven Laureys TEDxBrussels

Steven Laureys @ TEDxBrussels
From brain to consciousness. Steven Laureys presented its research domain through a 13 minutes stand up conference @TEDxBrussels. A brilliant, clear and innovative message. There is live after death.

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Lignin: the resource that can serve as grist to most mills 

Replacing polymers extracted from petroleum by others that are extracted from the plant world has become a necessity. The Industrial Biological Chemistry Unit of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech is studying the process.

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Liège dans la tourmente 

L’ouvrage « 1914-1918. Vivre la guerre à Liège et en Wallonie » commémore dignement le centenaire du déclenchement du conflit.

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The physicist behind the MRI scanner... 

It is often forgotten that, in order to decode the information provided by an MRI scan (magnetic Resonance Imaging), the input of engineers and physicists is required. A study has confirmed that, in order to better understand the human brain and its diseases, doctors are not the only contributors...

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The roots and essence of a crisis 

The current crisis is a good starting point for revisiting the development of economic law and the values that led to the globalization of neoliberal democracy. This process is mirrored in the work “Crisis and economic law”.

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Artistic transfers in Gothic Europe 

Between the 12th and 16th centuries Europe was the site of many “artistic transfers”. The mobility of artists, works of art, and even styles or techniques is the subject of a book co-directed by Benoît Van den Bossche.

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From electrical networks to neural networks 

In May 2014, a team of seven researchers from the 'Systems and Modelling' Research Unit at the University of Liège won the 'Neural Connectomics Challenge'. How did the adventure begin?

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