From electrical networks to neural networks

In May 2014, a team of seven researchers from the 'Systems and Modelling' Research Unit at the University of Liège won the 'Neural Connectomics Challenge'. How did the adventure begin?

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Revealing the 3D structure of proteins

Researchers at the University of Liège are working hard in an effort to build automatized tools that will allow them to predict the 3-D structure of proteins on the basis of their amino acid sequences.

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Zoom effects in medical imaging: towards higher resolution

A fifty year old technique in medical imaging, scintigraphy has been offered a new lease of life thanks to spectacular progress in terms of image resolution.

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Robots that learn

The second generation robot is coming: it no longer needs complete and detailed programming but is capable of learning by itself how to interact with its environment.

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Improving fuel cell batteries

We have been talking about them for some time yet fuel cell batteries still have not become part of everyday life. They are still confined to niche applications. Two laboratories from the University of Liège are attempting to reduce the quantity of platinum necessary for the functioning of most of them.

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