Smile you are (legally) protected!

With the omnipresence of the Internet, social networks and media generally, the right of personal portrayal is frequently sought. What are the rules? To whom and how do they apply?

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The new words of power

Do we know yet what words and phrases such as zero tolerance, alter-globalisation , citizenship or strong measure mean? There exist words whose deepest meanings are masked as they pass into every day use. A critical A to Z book has just been published, by Aden, under Pascal Durand’s editorship

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The neoliberal revolution has not taken place

At the beginning of the 1990s, certain economists and opinion makers announced – through the various information highways – the advent of a new form of capitalism, one which had shrugged off the stranglehold of the state, was not tied to any nation and was completely unregulated. This was a revolution which did not take place, according to Geoffrey Geuens.

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