Identifying cholesterol deficiency in Holstein cattle

In response to a request from farmers, a team at GIGA took only a few months to develop a test to detect CDH, a fatal illness affecting Holstein cattle.

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A headstrong feline virus

Researchers reveal the strange behaviour of the feline parvovirus, which raises questions about the use of viruses in the fight against cancer!

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The tortoise and the herpesvirus

The discovery of a new herpesvirus genome structure has made front-page headlines in the Journal of Virology. Researchers sequenced the genome of an herpesvirus causing high rates of mortality among several endangered species of tortoises!

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When grey seals become killers

For some years now, porpoises have been washed up on Belgian and French beaches bearing bite marks. Two researchers from ULg have just identified the culprit.

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A vaccine against the disease associated with a virus carried by migrating wildebeest

Alcelaphine herpesvirus 1 is a strange virus: it is harmless to its host species, the wildebeest, but is fatal when it is carried to cattle. Benjamin Dewals has perfected a vaccine against the disease.

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