OUFTI-1: nearly ready for space!

The first Belgian nanosatellite, OUFTI-1, has just been assembled in the super-clean environment at the Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL). It must now undergo various tests required by the European Space Agency (ESA).

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Flying like a bat

Below a certain size, efficient flight can only be achieved through the flapping of wings. Hence the renewed interest of aeronautical engineers in the work of animal locomotion specialists. Researchers from the University of Liège are particularly interested in bat flight.

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PROBA-2: an autonomous satellite in orbit

PROBA-2 takes off with two instruments on board designed by the Centre Spatial de Liège to study solar activity.

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Mission OasISS!

For his second mission in space, Frank De Winne will test liquid samples to foam up on board the International Space Station’s Columbus module! An experiment designed by professors Nicolas Vandewalle and Hervé Caps’s team.

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Galileo, a European ‘GPS’

Europe is about to provide itself with its own satellite navigation system, one which will rival the American giant GPS, which today has a monopoly of the market. Benoît Bidaine is helping to develop Galileo.

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