Alzheimer’s: when you don’t know that you know…

A study examines the way patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease predict their own memory performance.

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Fields under the watchful eye of observation satellites

By combining satellite images and crop-growth models, it is now possible to predict agricultural harvests. This means that farmers will be better-informed enabling them to improve their productivity and crop yields.

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Carp express a form of fever

The fish express a form of fever induced by the same molecule that triggers fever in humans.

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Targeting tumour-resistant cells in the brain

Inside grade IV brain tumours (glioblastomas) certain tumour cells preferentially migrate to specific areas of the brain, where they increase their resistance to radiotherapy.

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Impact of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance

Kept awake for 42 hours, participants in an experiment showed a variation in their cognitive performance closely linked to their biological clock and the accrued sleep debt. Two mechanisms that are well known, but difficult to quantify. 

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