Preparing ourselves for a rise in sea level

Through this century, tens of millions of people will have to face increased coastal floodings. Even if there is still a great deal of uncertainty regarding the extent of the rise in sea level as a result of global warming, building dykes will cost less than repairing likely damage.

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The erroneous GPS signal

Has your GPS sent you the wrong way? Well, it’s not the end of the world! However, it is a problem if the GPS used to plan this route was inaccurate. A problem that’s on the road to being solved.

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Tracking volatile organic compounds

Isoprene and methanol are, among others, volatile organic compounds that are naturally released into the environment by plants. But what role do they play in atmospheric pollution and climate change?

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Predicting flooding of the river Meuse in Wallonia

The risk of flooding along the river Meuse in Wallonia will increase between now and 2100, accompanied by increased vulnerability of flood-risk areas due to increased urbanization. A major rethink of land development policy is urgently required.

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Atlas mondial des matières premières

Bernadette Mérenne-Schoumaker publie un Atlas qui, en une centaine de cartes et infographies, explique en quoi la gestion des matières premières sera un des grands défis du XXIe siècle.

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