First report on GHG emissions from African rivers

A recent study conducted by Belgian scientists shows that emissions of greenhouse gas by African rivers are much more important than previously thought.

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Underground forest cathedrals

Is replanting forests a good idea? Undoubtedly, but doing so risks the destruction of grassy habitats that have an exceptionally rich biodiversity warn researchers at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech.

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Sea ice, a massive consumer of carbon dioxide

Sea ice absorbs the CO2 in the atmosphere. An unheard-of phenomenon ten years ago, it’s shaking up what we know about the dynamics of greenhouse gases.

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Listening to posidonia seagrasses

An acoustic device has made it possible to detect the production of oxygen and therefore the photosynthetic activity of posidonia meadows. These plants are Mediterranean seagrasses which have a vitally important role to play in the environment. 

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Mediterranean Sea: sentinels that speak the truth

Mussels and posidonia are good indicators of the state of the environment in the Mediterranean Sea and the news is somewhat encouraging…

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