The Mediterranean: toxic for whales

Whether they are banned or not, persistent organic pollutants cause considerable damage to our environment. The whales of the Mediterranean are a sad reminder of this fact.

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Quand le phytoplancton devient Monsieur Météo

La Méditerranée se réchauffe-t-elle toujours ? Une étude réunissant 32 ans de données sur le phytoplancton, montre que nous sommes passés dans une autre phase, plus variable.

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Mapping crime in cities

Thanks to a new mapping model, it is possible to rapidly analyse the police’s databases and thus help to better prevent crime. It integrates spatial continuity, an innovation in a field that favours vector data in a discrete space.

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The ocean and the atmosphere go hand in hand!

If you tell me what the atmosphere is like, I’ll tell you how the ocean will evolve: in essence, that is the conclusion of the research on the correlation between the North Atlantic Oscillation and the Gulf Stream, carried out with the help of a database of more than 40 million entries!

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First report on GHG emissions from African rivers

A recent study conducted by Belgian scientists shows that emissions of greenhouse gas by African rivers are much more important than previously thought.

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