Listening to posidonia seagrasses

An acoustic device has made it possible to detect the production of oxygen and therefore the photosynthetic activity of posidonia meadows. These plants are Mediterranean seagrasses which have a vitally important role to play in the environment. 

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Mediterranean Sea: sentinels that speak the truth

Mussels and posidonia are good indicators of the state of the environment in the Mediterranean Sea and the news is somewhat encouraging…

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Agritourism: the new cash cow for farmers?

Fancy a game of golf in rural surroundings, would you like to eat an ice-cream cone on a farm or sleep in a tree-house? These are all now possible thanks to a rapidly expanding tourist activity known as agritourism.

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The dance of the invading jelly-fish

Studying jelly-fish is a useful activity, especially from the point of view of trying to understand a phenomenon of proliferation of the species that has been observed almost everywhere on the planet for almost three decades.

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Is there a new threat to the ozone layer?

Chlorine is the main destroyer of the ozone layer. Although its concentration levels showed some signs of decreasing over a twenty-year period, levels have unexpectedly risen in the Northern hemisphere. This observation is the subject of an article published in Nature magazine.

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