Nathalie Job


Enough can never be said about the influence of secondary school teachers in the choice of a career! Attracted by science, Nathalie Job chose chemistry without hesitation due to the charisma of her chemistry teacher. Having first decided to do a degree course, she decided to try her chances as a chemical engineer. She succeeded in this endeavour by being awarded a degree by the University of Liège. At the end of her studies, she became an assistant in the service of professor José Marien (General and Physical chemistry), a post that she occupied for seven years. This involved endless hour of teaching students in the different sections and supervising practical work. She also had to complete her doctoral thesis which had as its theme the finalization of the procedure for manufacturing carbon xerogels and their use as coating bases for catalysts for catalysis in the gaseous phase. She was then appointed as a research fellow at the FNRS which allowed her to have two post-doctoral spells, one at Mines Paris Tech, the other at Grenoble at the Electrochemistry and Phsicochemistry Laboratory of Materials and Interfaces, during which time she applied her work to sol-gel materials and in particular fuel cell batteries. This is research which she carries out to this day in the Department of Applied Chemistry of the faculty of applied sciences of the University of Liège.

Selection of publications

N. Job, S. Lambert, M. Chatenet, C. Gommes, F. Maillard, S. Berthon-Fabry, J.R. Regalbuto, J.-P. Pirard. Synthesis of highly loaded Pt/carbon xerogel catalysts for PEM fuel cells by the Strong Electrostatic Adsorption method. Catalysis Today (2009) in press.

N. Job, S. Berthon-Fabry, M. Chatenet, J. Marie, M. Brigaudet, J.-P. Pirard. Nanostructured carbons as catalyst supports for PEM fuel cell electrodes. Topics in Catalysis (2009) in press.

N. Job, J. Marie, S. Lambert, S. Berthon-Fabry, P. Achard. Carbon xerogels as catalyst supports for PEM fuel cell cathode. Energy Conversion and Management 49 (2008) 2461-2470.

N. Job, B. Heinrichs, S. Lambert, J.-P. Pirard, J.-F. Colomer, B. Vertruyen, J. Marien. Carbon xerogels as catalyst supports: study of mass transfer. AIChE Journal 52 (2006) 2663-2676.

N. Job, M.F.R. Pereira, S. Lambert, A. Cabiac, G. Delahay, J.-F. Colomer, J. Marien, J.L. Figueiredo, J.-P. Pirard. Highly dispersed platinum catalysts prepared by impregnation of texture-tailored carbon xerogels. Journal of Catalysis 240 (2006) 160-171.


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