Making the most of waste water purification sludge

More specifically, Angélique Léonard was the first researcher in the world to monitor the evolution of the texture of waste water sludge during their drying by X-ray microtomography process.

3D fissure EN

This technology constitutes an excellent tool for monitoring the texture of deformable materials submitted to convective drying. At the scale of an extrudate, this technique coupled with image analysis allows for the simultaneous quantification of sample shrinkage, as well as humidity fissures and gradients on its surface. These three pieces of information are important for both modelling the product and carrying out a quality control of it. At the scale of the sludge bed, information provided by macrotomography allows one to observe with unequalled precision the influence of liming or ‘back mixing’ (the incorporation of certain quantities of dry material into wet sludge) on the kinetics of sludge drying.

Dimension sample


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