Modelling the behaviour of host rock for nuclear waste

At the Laboratory of Geomechanics and Engineering Geology, three doctoral theses examining the fracturing of galleries and their seal are helping to further knowledge on the storage of nuclear waste.

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A wind turbine in the landscape

Everyone is in favour or renewable energy ... Until the day a wind turbine pops up at the end of the garden!

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Zero Emission

It won’t be possible to make do without petrol, coal or natural gas in the near future. A member of the IPCC, Professor Philippe Mathieu is banking on energy production options without CO2 waste.

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Making the most of waste water purification sludge

Sewage sludge, the residue of waste water treatment, is used more and more frequently as a fuel. Angélique Leonard studies the processes of drying this sludge.

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Cut-rate solar energy

The Solar Energy Applications laboratory of the Liege Space Center (Centre Spatial de Liège, or CSL) uses its expertise in spatial technology to improve the performance of solar panels, and to reduce their cost.

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